Thushan Udara
I wish to mention some comment over my English Language at this institute. I studied eagerly and happily with the help of my teachers. They encouraged me so much to learn it. I am able to write, read and speak fairly. In case, I my self should improve it. I love this school.
[Lieutenant ] Sri Lanka Navy
        Abishek Kohona
Oh, how nice to put in writing my saying about this school. I left school and joined here to follow a long English course. I did my theory and practical studies under two experienced teachers. I passed the test and got my certificate. Really I understand and talk English now. May God Bless My Schools.
Officer commanding, Sri Lanka Army
        T. Nandika Subash

Saying “wow” I start to write one of my great opinions about REGENT .It is not only atestimonial, butalso one of provedevidences of theireffectiveness. I extend my thanks honestly for your grateservice. I am not going to say something about, which feels like as extra mundane. But, this is the most optimistic turn witch I had ever felt.

When I tried to learn English I could learn English vice best English .I was roaming to find out a real way to learn English, as I had notmet a spring to quench my thirst of learning real English.

In Yesteryear, I was going here and there with the purpose of learning good English, whichi consideredas real English. With a sudden fortunate, ultimately, I found the best place as perchance. As I had come to the best stop .I could come to a conclusion. Instead of making question marks I was able to give answers to all my problems. I got the real. It is not use of going after Educational institutes except best places like REGENT LANGUAGE SCHOOL .I was wondered by their teaching style. Using real grammar, I could write with less of grammatical errors. I could expand the horizons of my general English knowledge by using new spoken patterns, which Ileant by well-educated teachers, who were not selfish, but were so friendly and generous. I’m proud of being a student in such a best institute. Try to use words what you have; when you speak in English, then you will be well versed in English.”  No one is, who was lexical at once”

“The  best education is where,a best lecture panel is there”.

“a best lecture panel iswhere,the charity is there”.

“Byexplaining everyproblematiclesson with a facileway, the teachers in RLS have proved that they are different from other’s way. Teaching in English with interesting presentations, they simply show about their innate abilities in teaching.

Who would be able to learn well, unless friendly teachers. Teachers with immutable ideas cannot change their monotonous teaching methods .Making collusions, saying about exclusive things; most of teachers are trying to make hay while the shine. By exploiting students’valuble time, many institutes try have undue advantages. They don’t want their students’ progress.

I like to assert this, all teachers in REGENT do not adulate. They endeavor to lead us on the correct path by Explaining and giving the theoretical lessons; and doing practical examples.They don’t let our mind to be distracted, as they always care about ourmistake, which we make, when we use English language .They always try to keep their eye contact on us to have our keen attention on the lesson.

Even unwillingly I say this, and this is true.Most of teachers try to have adulations. By giving colored and beautified certificates; some educational institutes limitstudents’ knowledge in a   squared frame.

I felt as a student of here, why we can’t give a real meaning to each letters in REGENT. No sweat, teachers inregent always try to ameliorate these types of qualities with their service, because they just not play only their roles, but they give a huge contribution to the RLS .I suppose REGENT should be standard for

Real Education Grand Enthusiasm Novel Thinking

I’m not saying and admiring about RLI toomuch. But I’m one of its students, who felt a drastic change in mind.so all the teachers here are fit to be extoled well. 
I can’t help saying this, try to understand about water, brackishness is not a mistake of water ,but ,should we drink it forever? .Except brackish water ,haven’t we got a way to drink clean water with aclear spring?.Can’t we try another?

Don’t let your all efforts to end in smoke.

This is not a quip sentence, but something is there to understand.

“Skittish oxen are always injured, because they are not far sighted”

And, I say this “later is better than never “and you must have known “ Chances are probably slim

It is not impossible for REGENT’s students to enrich with English, as it prosperswith such a best lecture panel, and teachers would be very happy with their service under a great supervision like this.

Thank you so much“REGENT”

Work for LOADSTAR (Pvt) Ltd.
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