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Welcome to Regent Language School

It's our school. Whoever keep in touch with us of your language deficiency, we will in fact raise your requirement up to the top. Just do your placement test and share your knowledge with our teachers. Leave our school as a bright introvert.

What we offer

Foreign Languages, Student Scholarship, Cambridge Exams, Special Individual Courses for Companies, Crash Courses, English for Professionals, English for Business Purposes, Danish Language for Doctors, Translation Services, English for School Childrens and Job Seekers, After O/L, A/L English Courses, Charity Services, Social Works


Learn languages with the professionals. Choose the language you would like to learn.

Learn languages at Regent Premises ,in online or your company ,

Welcome to the leading language school with a business focus, located a stones throw from Regent Station! you can choose between sixteen languages.

Regardless of whether you choose to learn German, English, French or one of the other languages below, it is our mission to inspire you with an individualized and qualitatively superior language course.

Just select the language of your choice and find out which type of course suits you best: mini group, one-to-one lessons or immersion (half- and full-day course).



Tharindu Umesh
[Flying Officer] Sri Lanka Air Force

I am glad to remind here the direction I received from the Regent Language School to enrich my English language skills under the supportive lecturers. Also I would like to pay my sincere gratitude to the Regent Language School as well. Bravo!!!!!!!

Tyron Emerald

Studying at the Regent Language School was one of the unforgettable experiences in my life. It has been always great assistance to me with my higher studies. Regent is the best place for quality education that anyone can find. I really appreciate its hard work to provide world standard education.

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