Message from the Directress

Dear reader,

I take this opportunity with pleasure to express the objectives of our institution. It is an unique institution. It is committed to excellence in Foreign Language Education inclusive of English. This institution was founded in the year of 2005. Its distinctive linguistics intergrades the mental, physical, social and spiritual components of humanity.

Its great concern for academic excellence has won the respect of the community and the students who have gained competent theoretical and practical knowledge under well qualified and long experienced professionals.

The students do their studies here with modern technology and new methodologies. Its academic education  the enviroment and the development of the institution are to be well observed by executive board of foreign directors who visit our institution yearly. we provide textbooks, audio and video CD's dictionaries, novels, magazines and prepare students ever for international examinations. we hold prize giving ceremonies for students who perform well in their studies to encourage them in their education.

We hold games, functions and entertaining programmes for students and parents annually.

We organize excursions and  tours within the island for students and parents with facilities for their entire satisfaction. we provide T-Shirts, caps and souvenirs for students and staff on behalf of the teachers day at our institution. we hold seminars and parents meetings here.

This school has reached the position to gain confidence of the people by showing very good results especially for students who sit for London Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations and for Those who sit for Sri Lankan Syllabus in English medium.

We teach the relevant language for jobseekers and applicants of visa abroad to pass their competitive examinations by fulfilling their aspirations. we commit to dedicate you our best service for your bright future.

Please let me remind you we close school on poya days and during the festive seasons.

Please call on 031-2226561 / 031-2228686 / 077-3411617 / 0773411618 for further details.

Thank You,

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision.

It’s the aim of Regent Language School to motivate and indulge the learners in language studies in the modern world and to serve those with utmost integrity and commitment to achieve their goals for better prospects.

Our Mission

  • To serve best to the nation without reserve and to live with honour and dignity.
  • To expand language education rapidly to all without cast and creed.
  • To encourage and motivate the learners in morality, physically, culturally, religiously and ethically to live in harmony.
  • To discharge, excellent, responsible and outstanding work with care.
  • To facilitate the learners to pay their fees in installments on economy.
  • To see a crowd of disciplinary, learned and certificated people leaving the institute.
  • To serve the country till the last breath of life.


Being the directress of Regent Language School of Negombo, I wish to express my following information regarding the history of our school. With commencement of this school in 2005 in the city of Negombo, we could teach a number of languages to the citizens of the country and to the foreigners. After legal registration as a language institute on 6th of January of 2006, we expanded our teachings with some more languages upon the various requirements of the learners according government, embassy and overseas exams etc. since then, we improved the vital knowledge of the learners immensely and sought them even the scholarships and the job opportunities island wide and overseas.

Our languages are open from the child up to the adult. We enroll the learners here without cast and creed and consider each learner respectively. We advanced a long way now and made links with foreigners in France, Japan, and Republic of Cheque and with some more organizations by participating for seminars and conferences held in regard to the future linguistics for betterment of the learners and also for rapid progress of the institute. Besides, the history of our institute remains in the hearts of the people as a memorable education centre because it has paved the way to learn his or her desired language. Those who did their language courses with us are employed island and abroad. Herewith I would offer my heartfelt gratitude to the coordinator and the staff for their utmost commitment towards the service of the Institute. Further I wish to win the confidence of the public and get the blessing of the God to carry on the Institute.

Thank You
Yours faithfull

The directress
Regent Language School of Negombo
No. 13, 1st Lane, Thaladuwa Road, Negombo, Sri Lanka.


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