Regent Language Centre was founded in 2005 and has been dedicated to delivering foreign language education to individuals seeking knowledge. The success of RLC can be found in the delivery of high-quality language training programmes that prepare students to fulfill their specific goals.

RCL offers a diverse choice of courses to students of all levels. Students who pursue their studies at RCL benefit from the latest technology and innovative but practical training methodologies.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to inspire and engage learners in language studies in the modern world, and to serve them with the utmost integrity and commitment to assist them to accomplish their goals and improve their prospects. This is at the core of what drives Regent Language International (RLI).

Our Mission

Regent Language International's mission is to provide the highest-standard language training programmes and associated services by providing the best possible value to our students and clients, accompanied by exceptional customer service.

Message from the Leadership

Welcome to Regent Language International (RLI). We are delighted to have this opportunity to state our institution's goals. Here at RLI, we strive to provide a nurturing, holistic, bilingual environment to every student and our community at large. It is a one-of-a-kind institution. It is dedicated to providing high-quality foreign language education, including English. Our language centre head office is located in Negombo and we offer both online and physical or in-person classroom sessions. This institution was established in 2005. Its unique languages intergrade humanity's mental, physical, social, and spiritual components.

It has earned the respect of the community and the students who have received substantial theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision of well-qualified and experienced professionals because of its strong commitment to academic achievement.

Students who study here use modern technology and the latest methodologies. Its academic training, environment, and development are all closely monitored by the executive board of foreign directors who visit our institution yearly. We provide textbooks, audio and video CDs, dictionaries, novels, and magazines, as well as comprehensive preparation for international exams. We hold award ceremonies for students who excel in their academics in order to motivate them to continue their studies.

Additional, we are eager to organize extracurricular activities for kids and parents on a yearly basis, such as games, functions, and entertainment programmes.

This institution has earned the trust of the public by producing excellent results, particularly for students undertaking London Ordinary and Advanced Level Examinations, as well as those who are pursuing the Sri Lankan Syllabus in English medium.

We provide relevant language skills to help job seekers as well as visa applicants to get through the competitive exams successfully and achieve their goals. We aim to provide you with the best service possible to help you achieve your goals.

Please note that school is closed on Poya days and during the festival season.

For more information, please cantact us on 031-2226561 / 031-2228686 .


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