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French Language Advance Course

03 Months
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French Language Basic Course

03 Months
( Sunday )
21st of April   11.00am - 1.00pm
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French Language A1 Exam Preparation Course

03 Months
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French Language Pre Intermediate Level

03 Months
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French Language Basic Course (Online)

03 Months
( Wednesday )
17th of April   8.00pm - 10.00pm

Importance of French

Since number of decades, French has been really very important and useful to the nations in the world. It became important and necessary to the nations in many ways. French became valuable and necessary to the Sri Lankans in education for students to get through their junior and senior examinations in schools, universities, embassies and in hotel industry. This language became useful and necessary for customers in business of gems, handicrafts, wood carrying, specially employed in tourism. Most Sri Lankans felt themselves so much to study French to seek jobs in France and Middle East countries and also in Sri Lanka because French is mostly used in private sector such as in companies, hotels, travel agencies, gem shops, airlines, spice gardens, airports, schools and sanctuaries etc. French earns a good foreign exchange to our country. French is also an international language therefore most people intend to learn it and it is spoken in countries more than English. French is taught in government and international schools as an additional language for the benefit of the students here and abroad.

If you know French fluently you can study the history, science, literature, mechanics, technology, architecture and archaeology etc. because most of litteratures have written their senior masterpieces in French.

Many damsels take a keen interest to be present in modelling ceremonies and try to take part in ceremonies in France. Migrant people learn French for their permanent residence in France.

Most catholic devotees prefer to study French because they can visit many historical and religious places and to converse with French nationals and also to read the information in French. Most female parties are interested in learning French because of designs in garment industry and also in perfumes. Besides, French is very useful and necessary for everybody who wishes to know about France in ancient and modern society of France. Hence I would suppose that French will be in existence for ever among the nations of world.
Thank you.



Dear Student,
Greetings from us for starting an elementary French Course at our Language School.
The contents of the course will be clearly explained by the LECTURER
Master your basic KNOWLEDGE OF FRENCH at will. Individual attention will be paid on each student during the course up to the FINAL TEST.


  1. The French Alphabet, VOWELS,  stressed letters and unstressed letters.
  2. Nasal sounds and Accents on letters.
  3. Days, Months, Seasons Festivals and Greetings.
  4. Colours, Numbers, FRACTIONS, PERCENTAGE, CLOCK and DAY and DATE
  5. Personal pronouns and the NOUNS and pronouns.
  6. Present Tense with personal Subjects and building of minor questions
  7. Possessive Adjectives
  8.  Personal Information and the DAY TIME.
  9. Conjugation of verbs in first, second and third group with - er- ir and re - (regular and irregular verbs)
  10. Building of Sentences, Prepositions and  Adjectives
  11. Conversational practices and Selected lessons from the TEST BOOK.
  12. Vocabularies, Animals, Clothing, Fruits, Vegetables, parts of the of body, family members, MEASURES and means of TRANSPORT.
  13. Opposites, working people, Weather and Simple Letter Writing.
  14. Oral listening and comprehensions and the FINAL TEST.

Make sure that you may follow up the INTERMEDIATE FRENCH COURSE after having passed the final TEST.

Greetings from us for your intermediate FRENCH COURSE of Second Term.
The contents in the sheet will be clearly explained by the lecturer.
Master your medium knowledge of French with following grammatical lessons extracted from the TEST BOOKS of ENCORE TRICOLORE 01 and 02 and different conversational practices.

  1. Conjugation of all irregular verbs in the three tenses.
  2. Present Perfect Tense.
  3. Future Tense.
  4. Near Future.
  5. Recent Past.
  6. Expressions of Quantity.
  7. Comparision of Adjectives.
  8. Adverbs.
  9. Conversations in several fields.
  10. Oral listening, comprehension and self speech and the final Test.

We offer you the following "FRENCH LANGUAGE COURSES" for your requirements at reasonable rates.

  1. An elementary course
  2. An intermediate course
  3. An advanced course
  4. A crash course
  5. O/L and A/L syllabus for students of government and  international schools.

An unique offer for job seekers in Tourism
FRENCH LANGUAGE for tourism and those who guides the THE FRENCH on excursions, tours, roundtours, city tours and boat trips should be very fluent and knowing in French to describe the following sites.

  1. Historical cities
  2. Sanctuaries
  3. Fortresses
  4. Botanical gardens
  5. Spice gardens
  6. Tea factory
  7. Rubber estate
  8. Plantations
  9. Handicraft
  10. Kandy dance
  11. Wood carving
  12. Sinhala Avurudu

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