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Japanese Language Basic + N5 Course

06 Months
( Saturday )
29th of June   3.30pm - 5.30pm
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Japanese Language Basic + N5 Course (Online)

06 Months
( Monday )
24th of June   3.00pm - 5.00pm
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Japanese Language Basic + N5 + SSW Course

09 Months
( Friday )
28th of June   1.00pm - 5.00pm
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Japanese N4 Course

03 Months
( Registration Now On )

Importance of Japanese Language
Why Japanese is important to the nations?

Japan is a well-developed country in the world now. Japanese is spoken here and it is in great demand among the nations. Japanese became necessary to the nations because of lots of reasons. Japan was improved and developed rapidly after the Second World War. This language is worthy to the nations as it is not spoken in other countries expect Japan.

Many nations require Japanese for their education, business and employments. Job seekers learn Japanese in the hope of receiving high wages. Tourists learn Japanese to enjoy their holidays. Students learn Japanese in order to complete their studies.

Migrant people learn Japanese to start their new life in the country. Japanese is essential to the educationists if they want to be doctors, scientists, lawyers, teachers, translators, engineers and reporters etc with the knowledge of Japanese letters. As a result, the younger generation prefers to learn Japanese in addition to English.

Customers find most productions in Japanese itself. Whoever knows Japanese with alphabetical letters (HIRAGANA + KATAKANA) including Kanji letter is well-efficient to the society.

Japanese as a spoken language is open to the employees in tourism locally or abroad. This language makes lots of rich people to the countries, besides whoever educated in Japanese serves the development of Japan and to any other countries as well as his or her well-being with the rapid progress in every industry in Japan. Many nations can’t help learning it. So, my above information is accurate I feel or isn’t it so.

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